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Mother Tongue


Standing from left: Ms Zhou Liting, Mdm Liu Hua, Ms Ng Ley Huey, Mdm Sherine Yap, Ms Yap Hui Tee, Ms Tong Jingyi, Mdm Wei Junying, Ms Li Huili & Mdm Vivian Lim

Sitting from left: Ms Koh Kah Neng, Mdm Nurul Aini, Ms Anisah, Mrs Yeo Poh San, Ms Wong Sheang Yun, Ms Siti Juwani & Ms Khaizuran



Curricular Objective

The Mother Tongue Language Department seeks to develop competent Mother Language learners through instilling greater ownership of

learning, as well as developing pupils' appreciation and promoting their interest in the learning of Mother Tongue Language and Culture. We

believe that every child should strive to excel in the daily use and application of the Mother Tongue Language.


Holistic Assessment tasks for P1 and P2






-reading of Hanyu Pinyin and CL characters(CL)


-sight words(ML)




-short passages




based on a topic






 based on a picture


-Show and Tell(P1)

-Book Review(P2)


-listen to statements & choose the correct picture


-listen to statements & answer MCQ questions


-listen to short stories & answer MCQ questions



-Paper & pencil test


- sentence writing


-writing a paragraph based on a picture (P2)



Cultural Activities

(I) Celebrations of major ethnic events

- To promote racial harmony and cohesion, the Mother Tongue Department will anchor the  celebration of the four major ethnic events:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Hari Raya
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Deepavali

(II) Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

- During the Mother Tongue Language Fortnight, a series of fun filled cultural and language activities will be conducted to enrich

the pupils' experience in the learning of the Mother Tongue Language.


MOE Recommended CL Booklist



Mother Tongue Language Committee

Mrs Yeo Poh San

Ms Yap Hui Tee

Ms Anisah

Ms Ng Ley Huey

Ms Sandy Lee

Ms Wong Sheang Yun

Ms Li Hui Li

Mdm Liu Hua

Ms Koh Kah Neng

Mdm Wei Junying

Mdm Vivian Lim

Ms Siti Juwani

Mdm Nurul Aini

Ms Khaizuran

Ms Tong Jin Yi

Mdm Sherine Yap

Ms Jasmine Koh